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Buy both our best-selling choir and concert management books, '365 tips to a more successful choir' and 'Seven steps to more successful concerts' for the vastly reduced price of £13.90 plus postage (would normally be £16.90 plus postage) - only available via this link.

Here is Making Music's review of '365 Tips...':

Making Music 365 Steps Book Review

Read these reviews for 'Seven Steps...' received from industry professionals and customers:

“Seven Steps to More Successful Concerts ” by Tim Knight is a fine follow up to his previous “The Survival of Your Choir”. With an estimated 20,000 choirs across the UK the market share of audience for each choir is diminishing. Tim Knight’s book shows how, by applying commercial & social media marketing techniques and strategic planning, it is possible not just to increase audience share and choir revenue, but also to encourage new repertoire and utilize diverse venues to help spread the reach of choral music as public entertainment and education. The great thing is that this is not a theoretical guide but is based on real life tried and tested practical experience. 
Phillip Tolley, British Choirs on the Net ("


"Tim Knight has written a companion which is a 'must have' for every choir. He continually looks beyond the latest trends and thus the result is a book which provides excellent advice. With real examples given in an honest and frank way, he has provided a premium source from which choirs could, and should, easily flourish.
Robert T. Elliott -  Choral Conductor and Adjudicator."


"We've been crying out for a book like this for years! Tim Knight provides an invaluable and much-needed resource for any choir, indeed ideal for anyone preparing an event.
David Goodwin, Banks Music Publications"


"Oodles of great ideas, bucketfuls of common sense, loads of stuff every choir should already be doing - Happy reading!

Manvinder Rattan, John Lewis Partnership Music Society"



"I, and we as a choir have no reservations in recommending Tim Knight’s books as an essential read for all choirs and especially anyone thinking about starting up a new choir.  His books are thought-provoking, written in an easy in-depth style and cover all facets of choir management, development and above all is geared to the survival of all forms of choral musical performance. Three years ago, I used Tim’s first book “The survival of your choir” as a basis for recruiting 15 new members to the Leamington Royal Naval Association Male Voice Choir. Prior to recruitment, the 24 strong choir only had 2 members under 65 years of age and the majority were over 70!  The vocal sound with the new members was brilliant and uplifting.  At the end ofFebruary, 2018, due to circumstances beyond our control, the Royal Naval Association choir ceased to exist. With the help and support of the remaining 24 members of the RNA Choir, we are currently starting a new choir, Two Castles Male Voice Choir, based in Warwick.  Tim’s two new books have been circulated to committee members and have been well received.  They will serve as a basis for the management, recruitment and development to give a long-term security to the choir."
John Woodhead, Founding Member, Two Castles Male Voice Choir, Warwick


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