CD - 'Atlantic Rhapsody', Organ Tone Poem

£6.00 incl tax

Order your copy of the magnificent 'Atlantic Rhapsody' organ tone poem commissioned by Robin and Maggie Cooper, written by Tim Knight, played by organist Christopher Newton and kindly recorded by Rob Illsley. 

Approximately 20 mins in length, 'Atlantic Rhapsody' captures the highs and lows (literally!) of the Coopers' epic voyage with two of their friends across the Atlantic in their yacht 'Tanglewood' encompassing every stage of their journey - the excited preparations and apprehensive start, the calm moonlit nights, dolphins playing, the stormy rough seas (listen out for the morse code!) and the triumphant exhilaration in reaching journeys end which will send a tingle down your spine!

Buy a copy of the full glossy 'Atlantic Rhapsody' score (normally £9.95) with the CD for a total of only £12.95 (normally be £15.95) (plus postage)!

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Purchase options
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